Hydrating & Noursihing Care


If water purity original element is the source of life and brilliance, it also has undeniable beauty virtues on the skin surface. Every day, the skin has to deal with multiple attacks altering its natural balance: it dehydrates, becomes uncomfortable, loses its shine and feels tight. The Noreva Laboratories have developed Aquareva, the first range hydraressourçante 24, to bring vital water to the skin, maintain balance and restore its natural hydration process. Enriched with glacier water pearls, Aquareva was formulated to take care of the essentials with innovative dosage adapted to each, and to combine the latest technology with it such as the prevention of the effects of blue light.

Mask Hydration Express

Hyderating Cream Rich

Moisturizing Night Cream


Moisturizing Body Lotion 24

Hand Cream

Stick Lips