Tribeam Premium


Tribeam Premium

Innovative laser toning! Rich-PTP toning!
  • Dual Pulse 1.6 J with Maximum 20Hz
  • Rich – PTP (Photoacoustic Toning Pulse) for Subcellular Selective Photothermolysis
  • True Flat-Top Hat Beam
  • Auto Energy Setting
  • Comfortable User Interface
  • Hand piece in 6 types
  • Calibration
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TRI-BEAM Premium™ with 20 Hz provides fast treatment

Innovative laser toning! Rich-PTP toning!

  • Faster toning
  • Safer toning
  • More effective toning


2 Pulse / 20Hz, Powerful Rich-PTP Toning

Fast and effective treatment 

  • 2 pulse of TRI-BEAM Premium™ delivers more efficacy and minimizes the adverse effects for Melasma treatment.
  • 20Hz of 2 pulse energy makes faster and safer treatment than current laser toning devices.

Dual pulse 1.6J with Maximum 20Hz

High Power energy : 1.6J(per shot)

  • 2 pulse low peak energy : less hyper/hypo pigmentation, less pain

True Flat-Top Hat Beam

Beam Profile Comparison

  • The TRI-BEAM Premium™ implements a Flat-Top Beam Profile to reduce risks.
  • The laser resonator was designed to allow the uniform distribution of laser output beams to implement the best beam profile.

High power GN mode 3500mJ(Max)

TRI-BEAM Premium™ produces a maximum power of 3,500 mJ in zoom HP 1064nm GN mode, collimation HP 1064nm GN mode, and fractional HP 1064 GN mode and fractional HP 1064 GN mode.

How It Works

Tri-Beam Q switch nd yag laser system and skin blemishes treatment, it is possible to remove tattoos. stronger competitors, the fourth wavelength are available.

Tri-Beam Q-Switch Nd-YAG Zoom / Fractional Laser – laser toning with 40 Hz speeds possible applications. And dual power supplies connected in parallel (2.400 V) is the only system. The only system with automatic calibration feature.

Proven Results